Review: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

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I was so excited to try this product. Honestly, most of my interest in this product came from seeing Kylie Jenner use it fairly often.  As a dry-skinned girl, I’m always looking for products that add a glow to my skin and help make it look smoother and more hydrated. I only purchased the travel size of this setting spray after a very long time of staring at the full-size. I thought the smaller size would be perfect to try to see if I truly love it before shelling out $48 on a facial mist. I’ve always been partial to the Mario Badescu facial sprays. I love all three types and I think they work really well. They don’t necessary prolong makeup wear, but they help all your makeup sink into your skin and look less like powders and creams on top of your face. I also find them to be very refreshing and can add extra hydration when my skin needs it. However, I wanted something that would help my makeup last longer and help keep its dewy finish. I’ve so many great things about Tatcha and its products, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. My friend loves their water cream moisturizer, adding to my flame of needing this product. This is very different than what I’m used to. I apply facial spray very liberally and then go over my face with my sponge to soak up excess and help blend in makeup one last time. This spray is one you have to be more careful with. I still applied a lot, but because it gives a dewy finish, you can start to see when you go overboard. The mist was nice and fine, although I did have some problems with the nozzle. It did genuinely help to make my makeup look like my skin but much brighter, I really enjoyed the effect it gave without making me look oily or sweaty. I ran out of this product faster than I would’ve liked to. I feel like I need to test it more before I can justify that big of a purchase. It was world-changing, but it definitely wasn’t a bad product. I’m always looking for new facial mists or setting sprays to try. I have my eyes set on the new one from Tarte next. I want to see if I notice a huge difference when I’m not using this spray and how other sprays compare. Let me know what setting sprays you enjoy!



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