Review: FOREO FOFO Luna

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I’m not usually super into facial cleaning devices. I think the can tend to be too harsh for daily use and can make my skin sensitive if used too frequently. I got this in my Summer FabFitFun box, mostly because I was not interested in spending close to $90 on something I’m not normally a fan of. A lot of this product has to do with hype. It comes with an app and a sensor that is supposed to tell you your “skin age” and moisture levels, and then devise a way to clean your face the best way for your skin. It told me my skin age was 19, which is fairly accurate because that is how old I am. It was also able to detect that I have dry skin, which is also accurate. You hold the button and it connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Then it will vibrate for the length your supposed to wash each area of your face, according to a face map that it provides. Because the bristles are rounded at the tip and made of silicone, they are not abrasive. I still tend to only use this product at night for light exfoliating. The app is cool, I will give it that, but it makes face-washing such a longer process because you have connect every time and then wash your face the duration and way the app tells you to. I have been doing a lot of exfoliating recently, so my skin is a little more  sensitive than usual, so I have to be careful with this product. My skin has been looking and feeling smoother recently. It feels soft and has a healthy glow to it. I think I’m going a more creamy or foamy cleanser to try with this and see if that makes a difference in how I feel about it. It doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to lather up your skin like you normally would using your hands. I will continue to use this product and get used to using it. Until then, I have positive feelings about this product. Just use very sparingly if you have sensitive skin!


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