As someone who has grown up never feeling normal, I support pride month wholeheartedly. I’m proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and always will be. For years people have been telling me I don’t exist;that because I’m dating a male that I’m straight or because I haven’t dated a woman. People did this same thing to me with my struggle with mental illness. I’m taking this month to be proud of myself. I’m taking this month to celebrate the contributions to our lives that people in the LGBTQ+ community have made. No one should have to feel like they have to hide who they are. I’ve seen so many people struggle with a part of themselves that has been thrown back at them hundreds of times that’s supposed to make them feel strange. Growing up where heterosexuality is assumed, I felt so alone. I didn’t even know about bisexuality. I was hoping that it was something I could get over- that I could just be in a heterosexual relationship forever and not have to deal with it. Even today I still shy away from mentioning that I’m gay. This is my message to everyone who has ever felt like they were internally wrong because of who they loved or how they felt about their gender and sex. You are so important and so loved. Enjoy this month; you deserve to celebrate every day of it to the fullest.


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