Surviving an International Panic Attack

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I didn’t bring my medication with me. Ya know, the medication I need to keep myself somewhat sane. My anxiety immediately kicked in. I couldn’t go home;they were 8 hours away. I ripped apart everything, hoping they were just under a shirt or a bag. Fortunately, through therapy, I am able to better rationalize these kinds of things. A year ago, I would’ve been inconsolable. I was able to breathe and then called my father. We did overnight shipping, and I thought it was solved. Getting the package was an all day process with tears and running around Toronto like a maniac. The relief that came from opening up my pink makeup bag with my medication was like I just got a massage. Anxiety makes things really hard to deal with. My brain wanted to convince me the world was falling apart around me. I panicked. I felt hopeless and ashamed. How could I leave something so important behind? All I could think of was how stupid I was. Being able to handle the situation was a huge moment for me. I was able to put my anxiety aside and think of a reasonable plan. You are stronger than any obstacle. Nothing is completely unsolvable. Never be afraid to ask for help; there are so many people who want to help you and make sure that you’re okay. You are strong. Don’t let anything knock you down.


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