It feels so good to be writing on here again. The past two weeks have been insanely busy with school. I had a huge event with my organization on Friday and it took up most of my schedule. After that, it’s been catching up on doctor’s appointments, finals, and work-study. I got an EKG and CMP because my psychiatrist is worried about my very high heart rate and average blood pressure. So far, both tests came back normal, which is kind of frustrating. I was hoping something would show up and explain why I’m like this. My doctor thinks its an adrenaline deficiency, but who knows. Getting blood drawn was horrible. I have very severe anxiety when it comes to needles. Just thinking about it now makes me woozy. A nurse had to come hold my hand while to other one talked my through the process. There were tears. I’m still surprised that I actually went through with the procedure without fainting.  Work-study has taken over a decent amount of my time. I’m helping the faculty build their websites, while also working on posts for the social media pages. Other than that I do normal office work like checking mail or doing some menial tasks to help get things done quicker. My department head is a gem. She’s such a sweet woman, while also being extremely intelligent and amazing at getting things done and done well. I am so lucky to be working this closely with her. She also told me I was right when I was in an informal political debate with a friend. My summer is going to continue with this schedule of work study plus a new research component. I will be helping one of my professors work on a research paper. I’m really excited to explore this side of academia and learn what goes into a paper. I will also be helping out in our behavioral foundations lab with some really great people. We’re currently doing studies on preference formation (a title that’s intentionally vague). I do plan to do a lot more writing and apologize for my absence. Thank you for staying with me!


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