Review: RAEKA Turmeric Peel Off Mask

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I was hesitant about this mask at first. I’m not a fan of peel-off masks. I feel like they are messy and don’t work as well as wash-off masks. I was drawn to this masks because it turmeric in it, and I’ve only heard good things about how turmeric benefits the skin and body.  The product mentions that it is ayurvedic, meaning that it works along with the skin to promote healing. This mask does not have a strong fragrance which is great if you have sensitive skin. It applied easily; I used a flat foundation brush to apply the mask. After it dried, it peeled off rather nicely. It came off in large pieces and I only had to rinse off some stray pieces around the edges of my face. My skin felt so soft afterward. Waking up the next day, my skin looked like it was glowing. This product is cruelty free which is a must for my beauty products. I recommend this mask if you’re not a fan of peel off masks and you want to try one, or you love peel off masks and want to try something new.


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