Review: Veise Pore Perfection

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If you like the Aztec healing clay mask, then you’ll love this. It comes in a tub in a power texture. I pour some out into a plastic cup and slowly add water or more powder to create a paste. You can use it as a mask and spread it evenly over your face, or use it as a spot treatment and put it only on problem areas. This mask feels amazing. It is one of those pulsing masks, so I do not recommend if you don’t like that feeling. Even though I have drier skin, this did not over dry my skin and make it feel tight. This mask was also slightly self-heating, which is an interesting sensation. It made a mess, but that is partially because I’m not used to this kind of mask.  However, it rinsed off nicely, and my skin felt amazing afterward.  This mask is going to last forever because you use such little powder each time. A very worthy investment if you are looking for natural skincare products


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