Review: Think BEEcause Blueberry and Honey facemask

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I recently ordered some skincare products off of the ipsy website. This package caught my eye because it was products that were organic, natural, and cruelty-free. I have dry skin that is acne prone and has issues with texture and pore size. The first thing that I loved about this mask is it’s re-sealable package. I love that it comes with a Ziploc type bag because I can reuse the mask without worrying about it getting everywhere or drying up. The next amazing thing was the ingredients list. It only had three ingredients! Raw honey, argan oil, and blueberry essential oils. I was so happy to see a list of ingredients that I recognized and could read. As for the mask itself, it was definitely a little messy. Having to scoop it out of the bag was inconvenient. When I applied the mask, it was thick enough that it didn’t slide all over my face, but still thin and easy to spread around. It felt amazing on my face. It had a great tingling, clean sensation that wasn’t painful. My skin felt like the dirt was being sucked out of it. This mask doesn’t completely dry down, so you can wear it as long as you please. It washed off easily and did not create a large mess in my sink. My skin felt soft and smooth after rinsing. It didn’t make my dry skin feel tight. I noticed a difference in skin texture and pore size almost immediately.  I highly recommend this mask to anyone who likes natural products. It is pricey, but it’s very worth it. I  look forward to trying other products from their line!


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