I love dogs, more than anyone else does. They’re perfect angels. I want to surround myself with them. For my high school graduation, I wanted a therapy dog. College was horrifying to me, and it was something I highly researched. With some arguments, I brought my father into my side. This turned into me getting a puppy. I was pleased. I love puppies, but I didn’t want a puppy. I wanted a dog to help me when I was having a panic attack. I needed a friend when I couldn’t get out of bed. Instead I got a 13 week old flea ridden pug, jack russell terrier mix. I named him Winston. I was so in love with him. He weighed 6 pounds and had such grumpy eyebrows. However, he was a 13 week old puppy. I had to train him and wake up with him and care for him. I loved my Winston, but he added more stress to my life. I was horrified about starting my first semester at a new college with a puppy to take care of. It was really hard. As much as I love dogs, I don’t recommend baby ones for anxious college freshman. My parents let me keep him at home. It made some things easier, but I did miss him a lot. He would stay in bed with me every night and give me puppy kisses. I would remember to eat because I had to feed him. Taking care of him helped me take care of myself. He is still my little demon even though he is at home. He still naps with me, and steps on my neck to see out windows, but he’s somewhat calmer. I still wish I could’ve gotten a therapy dog; It’s what I really needed, but now I have my 25 lb gremlin. Dogs have been so important to my healing process. My parents and friends send me pictures of dogs when I’m sad or anxious. I pet every dog that I see. If I can’t sleep, I will visit my other dog, Summer, in the hallway, and I will pet her until I calm down. Everyone should have a dog. If you don’t have one, go out and adopt one. They’re all precious angels.


2 Replies to “My 25lb Gremlin”

  1. Great post. Winston is the cutest little Germlin I have seen. I’m glad you have him and other pups to help you out. I know how much of a difference they make. Ryder calms me down when I get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. He also helps me get out of bed and out of the house when I am having a down day.

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