It took me three hours to finish this post

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I didn’t wear a jacket today. I want to feel the cold; it’s better than not feeling anything. I’m been numb for a while now. I watch other people live their lives and I just can’t. My brain is trapped in a body of nothing. I feel nothing. I feel like nothing. I am nothing.  I’ve wanted to write this all day. The screen is blank. I can’t keep a thought in my head long enough to write anything down. My hands feel slow. I don’t know what to say because I don’t have anything to stay. The letters and keys merge into one blob of  gray, sucking me in further to something that I don’t have the creative ability to describe because I’m too sad to think.  I’m too sad to write. I’m too sad to even feel sad anymore so I’m just sad nothingness with a sad blog and writer’s block.


3 Replies to “It took me three hours to finish this post”

  1. We all go through days like this. Dig deeper, explore this feeling—whether it be sad, unsure, or even empty. Embrace it, run with it. The words will flow. Thanks for being brave and sharing. Keep us posted xx

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  2. Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion. More often than not we let our negative emotions consume us, we must acknowledge how we feel, allow ourselves to feel it,& let it go. I’ve felt like this so many times & found the information above so helpful. Stay strong baby doll


  3. I hope everything around you is okay! We all have those days when we cant really perform the way we do. Not every day is sunshine. I really hope with how you just managed to share this with your blog you were able to move past it and let go. Wish you all the wellness Xoxo

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