This week has definitely been a very long one. I had to schedule all my appointments for this week because I was home, and my anxiety wasn’t a huge fan. I went to the doctors by myself and I thought I was going to faint. I know they’re only asking questions about me, but my body went into survival mode. It was nice to have therapy the next day and get a second start to the week. I got to see my best friend and my boyfriend, which is always a plus. Now my other best friend is coming home today so I can see her tomorrow! I’ve had to fill out a ton of work study files because I want to do research through my school. That’s a lot of work and very scary, so I passed that along to my father. I vomited before work today from who knows what, but I still went into work because my anxiety is really concerned with my financial situation. I’ve been spending money in the hopes of making money, and my anxiety is filling me with dread. This blog stresses me out like crazy and I want to feel like it’s successful, but I don’t know how to quantify success. I did get an offer to have one of my posts in a magazine! This is all a whirlwind of mess and anxiety, but here I am.


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