Lush Cosmetics Sleepy Lotion Review

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As an insomniac, I was so excited when I heard that lush came out with a lotion that would help me sleep. I’ve been a lush fan for a very long time, and will continue to support them. I purchased the lotion yesterday. I got the small tub for $10, which in my opinion is reasonable. I’m late to the bandwagon, I know, but every time I would try to buy it, it would be sold out. I used it Saturday night, putting some on my hands, elbows, neck, and chest. First of all, it smells so amazing. It smelled like vanilla lavender hot chocolate. I made my boyfriend smell me multiple times. Just smelling it made me drowsy. Nothing makes me drowsy. I normally can’t sleep unless I take all my medication and some extra for sleeping purposes. I wouldn’t say that this stuff “knocked me right out” or “cured my insomnia”, but it definitely helped. I’m a huge lavender fan with a lavender plant in my apartment and the new lavender facial mist from Mario Badescu (I’m in love by the way). I like this because it’s not a pill. I was taking sominex to help with sleeping but that would make me drowsy for a couple days. This just helps me get into a tired state faster, and I feel like I get a more so consistent sleep. I definitely recommend this to people with problems sleeping; I mostly recommend lush in general. Their cup of coffee scrub is amazing!


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