Why I’m so adamant about the concept of self care

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The thing about mental illness (at least in my case) is sometimes you don’t feel human. Sleeping, eating, and even hygiene don’t seem important to me if I have to get work done or I’m too depressed to get out of bed. I always preach to my friends that health always comes first, and then I don’t follow that rule at all. For me, school comes first; success comes first. I take care of everything and everyone else but put myself last. Not eating or sleeping isn’t weird to me. I’m used to loading up on caffeine or only eating a granola bar cuz I’m lightheaded. I don’t want anyone to live like that. Self care isn’t always a face mask and a bubble bath. Sometimes it’s brushing your teeth, remembering to take your medication, taking a break from work, or taking a nice shower. It’s hard for me to remember to eat three meals a day. I don’t see it as a priority (partially because of my eating disorder but that’s a story for another day). I don’t do the basic things I need to do to survive, and I don’t even see it as an issue. It’s hard to break the habit. You feel comfortable in your routine, but you don’t notice how much your body is struggling. If your body can’t function, there’s no way your mind can function. It’s okay to take time to yourself. It’s okay to cancel plans if you don’t want to go. It’s okay to take a break and take a nap instead of doing work. Take care of yourself❤️


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