Bullet Journaling: staying organized while feeling like your life is falling apart

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I was skeptical about bullet journaling at first. I’m so shaky all the time I didn’t think it would be good for me to try to write and draw things nicely. Of course, the white girl in me won and I started it. I’m obsessed. It really helps me break down my week so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming. If you’re not a bullet journal person, I recommend just a normal monthly and weekly planner. I got both from target for under $15. I use black pen and a set of crayola markers I stole from my mother (sorry Karen). Would you be interested in seeing some of the layouts I’ve done? I’d be happy to share. My bullet journal is definitely a “fake it till you make it” deal. I’m not organized, or together, or good at planning, but I can pretend to be. It feels more like drawing than it does planning, but it really helps me set goals on the weekly or monthly level. I included one of my beater layouts that I’m using for the first full week in March.


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